The marketplace, professional network, and management platform that makes it easy to create and manage professional freelance teams
We have changed the way businesses work with talent-for-hire. No more individual freelancers working in isolation. Now your freelancers will work as a team — virtual professional partners that help you save money, work faster and accomplish more
An enterprise-grade solution with three essential tools
Post projects, review proposals, hire freelancers and manage payments safely and securely anywhere in the world
Enterprise-grade project management and communication tools make it easy to collaborate with freelance teams of any size
Professional freelancers share profiles to build cross-functional teams that can tackle just about anything.
Designed for Business
Execuvite is built for businesses and organizations that want to use flexible staffing to create freelance teams that can handle high-value projects and deliver big results with lower costs over the long term. All with enterprise-grade tools that provide powerful capabilities, easy administration and security you can trust.
Virtual Professional Partnerships
Bring experienced freelancers together in multi-functional groups that match the capabilities of consulting firms, marketing agencies and software development companies — but with more agility and less overhead.
Gain Agility
Easily hire or reassign freelancers to fit your changing needs
Cut Expenses
Save on everything from payroll to office space to deliver big results for less
Boost Efficiency
Distribute work across multi-functional teams to keep projects moving
Engage Experts
Hire proven freelance professionals who have highly specialized expertise
Manage Effectively
Handle everything from kickoff to completion with enterprise-grade tools
Team Up
Bring professional freelancers together in virtual partnerships
Making It Easy to Complete High-Value Projects
From verified freelancer profiles with extensive portfolios and detailed CVs to enterprise-level project management and collaboration tools, Execuvite gives you more, so you can do more with less.

Quickly search and filter verified freelancer profiles to find professionals with the skills you need. Extensive portfolios and detailed CVs help you build your team.

Easily add, reassign or remove team members as needed. You can even designate partners to help you manage other freelancers.

Use enterprise-grade tools to assign tasks, share assets, track and report progress, communicate and drive progress.

No anonymous freelancers here. Leverage an open professional network that allows for easy collaboration.

Eli Schwartz , Director of Marketing APAC
"Execuvite delivered a product in just days that would have taken weeks to months to get had I needed to gather a team of freelancers on own. And best of all, I got this at freelancer pricing for an agency product.”
Matthew Tennant  CEO
"I have used freelancers in isolation for various projects but coordination is difficult and hard to manage. Once I moved my projects to Execuvite, everything became simple and much easier to manage. Not to mention, the outstanding service I receive is unsurpassed by any freelance websites I have used."
Michael Gray, Freelancer
"As an experienced professional, I think Execuvite offers the best solution for freelance work. Projects and freelancers are screened to eliminate low-budget work and inexperienced freelancers. On other freelance platforms 95% of the projects are just looking for someone to work as cheaply as possible, but Execuvite has projects that you can build a career around.”
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